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Your Health, Your Wealth
"Health is wealth, and our health card is your ticket to a healthier, wealthier life."
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Your Emergency Is Our Worry
"Don't wait for a health emergency to realize the importance of having proper coverage. Get our health card now."
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Aligning World thoughts & universal values, HHDC

About HHDC

Envisioning a World of Humanity

Our aim is to improve the world and establish a joyful and thriving atmosphere where individuals can live healthily at minimal expenses without limitations.

One Card Many Benefits!

Better Discounts Treatments

This card grants you a discount of up to 40% on medical treatment for illnesses at all hospitals affiliated with us.

Blood Bank Available

This card provided by our organization grants the cardholder 24/7 access to blood whenever it is needed.

Discounted Medicines

By joining us with this card, you can receive up to a 40% discount at medical stores.

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With this card, cardholders can receive a discount of up to 30% at all pathology labs affiliated with our organization.

Making People Happy Globally

Our Series Of Events

We are a global Organization, working towards the health sector of humankind for decades. We aim to provide adequate health measures at all levels to enhance and upgrade the well-being of people of all grades without any discrimination.


Why Join US

Join HHDC to be a part of this global mission.

Our organization makes this Health Card at lowest price. Only Rs 150.

  • With this card, you can get up to 40% discount on the treatment of diseases in all the hospitals associated with us. JOIN US WITH THIS CARD , YOU CAN GET UP TO 40% DISCOUNT ON MEDICAL STORES. 
  •  Through this card , our organization provides 24×7 Blood to the Cardholder when he needs blood. 
  •  Cardholders get up to 30% off at all patholab associated with our organization. 

Daring Steps Towards A Dignified Future

We are a rapidly growing learning and development institution in the healthcare sector worldwide.


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"I recently got a health card from The Human Health and Development Council and it has been a lifesaver. The discounts on medical treatments and access to 24/7 blood supply has given me peace of mind knowing that I am covered in case of any emergencies. Highly recommended!"


"As a frequent traveler, I was always worried about my health and the cost of medical treatments. But with this health card, I can now travel without any worries. The discounts at medical stores and pathology labs have saved me a lot of money. Thank you!"


"I have been using this health card for the past 6 months and I am extremely satisfied with the services provided. The discounts on medical treatments have been a huge relief for my family and me. The access to 24/7 blood supply is also a unique feature that sets this card apart. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for comprehensive health coverage."


Blogs From HHDC

HHDC conducts numerous events and workshops aiming to promote the human rights ethos.

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